Target Archery

Target Archery 1.0

Challenge yourself to mobile archery


  • Challenging
  • Simple gameplay


  • No real variety


Target Archery is a simple arcade game where you aim and shoot arrows at a target.

As opposed to other archery games, Target Archery focuses on the simple act of firing arrows into a target. The gameplay is straight forward. Your bow and arrow are on one side of the screen and the target is in various places on the right. You have to aim and shoot to hit the target.

Depending on the location of the bullseye, you have to rotate the bow and consider the arc that arrows take when fired. While it is easy in the beginning,Target Archery does get more challenging as you continue to play.

Target Archery is a simple archery game for Symbian.

Target Archery


Target Archery 1.0

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